Sunday, 26 February 2012

Wanted - Kato

I am looking for two Kato U30C shells with the railings from the older run in the 90's. I don't need the mechanism just the bodies. Send me a PM. Will consider the entire unit if the price is right.

Had a minor issue with some brake fluid......

The next town.

Well started laying out the next town on the line. This will only have a station and two small industries. A Fuel dealer and two small shops for boxcar loads( Haven't decided yet ). There will be a small engine shed located here as it supports the mine around the bend. On the tracks that are temporarily shown in the pictures below, the Tall standing T-Pins are the end of the track.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Quick Picture.

Done painting for a bit so I threw the bodies back onto the frames. Makes some space on the bench, I still have to finish the trucks & Fuel Tanks. I have to make a repair to one of the u25's, I got a little softer than expected stripping the paint and i accidentally broke part of the nose. That's why there are now only 3 painted. Not the 4 I planned on. The U30 frame is still in its primer for a little longer, the C-424 just needs it trucks done.

Still Painting...

Between work and soccer tournaments I haven't had much time to do anything. But I have been working on painting 6 engines. There drying as i type this with their second coat of Reading Yellow on the cabs and hoods. Hopefully tonight i can start getting the undercarriages ready.

Will post some pictures later.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Stripped and Ready!

Not quite like it sounds. 4 U25's are disassembled and ready for masking. Tomorrow  night I'm hoping to get the first coat of paint on. Walkways were all done tonight and are all a nice shade of black.  On a side note the newest part of the layout has about half the roadbed installed and ready for track, Maybe next weekend.

Here is the Shells awaiting the masking.

And here is roughly what they will look like when they are done.