Saturday, 31 December 2011

The Main Mine on the Layout.

This section is 8' long and is dedicated to the mine itself. The tipple has 3 tracks for loading, one stub for supplies to be unloaded. There is also one track for switching out loads & Empties. Across the two main lines passing the mine is a small team track for general supplies. There is still some scenery to finish along the edge, I want to get the Fascia finished first. Might be on the agenda for tomorrow.

Construction Continues.

Well this weekend provided some time to build the last piece of bench work for the layout. So a few hours and the use of a home depot gift card from Christmas, The bench's are complete. Next post I will actually go backwards and show the track plan and construction over the last year or so.

Monday, 26 December 2011

Well, Time to get back at it!

Christmas break has provided some time to get back into the basement and start cleaning it up. So far the workbench is cleaned up and I was able to run a few trains around the temporary connecting loop. I will add some pictures shortly.