Monday, 7 March 2016

Where to begin.

Well, as some know I have moved for my work. This meant taking this layout apart, which wasn't too bad since I spent the last few years working away from home most of the time. Now for the good part, a new house and a new basement. With No obstructions or walls to get in my way.... This time though I am not designing my layout, Bob Sprague at is helping me this time.

Here is the rough mainline configuration, there is still all the industries and details to add. Here is a rough Google map of the territory that is being used. Though I am only planning on modelling from Wilkes-Barre to Lehighton. The plan is based on Lehigh Valley, just adapted to the free lance EH&S. Which also means I have a bunch of motive power that doesn't need to be repainted :)

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  1. That looks pretty sweet Devin! That will be epic brother...I will have to come visit.