Saturday, 19 March 2016

Why I like swap meets....

Went to the local spring swap meet today in Edmonton, and wasn't disappointed. There was the usual people asking retail for used junk from 1995. Then I found 4 tables of N Scale being manned by two sisters and their mother. Their dad had passed away and they were clearing out the estate, and WOW! He had a large collection 3 2'x8' tables of stuff stacked 5 or 6 jewel cases high, and there is apparently more at home. They did at least do some research to make sure they weren't being taken advantage of, which I have seen before in Winnipeg. Still worked out to $25 a locomotive, and 4 have decoders already in them.

Now granted this gentleman had an interesting way of painting the units as seen below. I am not sure if it's nail polish or thick testers paints from Walmart. It's a good thing these are being stripped and painted into my own roads colours. The GP-9's are just for the DCC ready chassis & motors for some existing units I have.

I guess I better get the workbench setup and start working on the layout construction soon.

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